In the APAC region are present also two factories in CHINA nearby NAVECO and Saic-Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle (SIH) companies: both produce vehicles for the local market and for other countries of the EMEA, APAC and
LATAM regions where they are shipped according to CKD models.

- Naveco is specialized in light and medium vehicles; it  is located in Nanjing
and it produces vehicles PowerDaily and Cab-over (N12) for the Medium

- Saic-Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle (SIH) is specialized  in  heavy vehicle; It is located in Chongqing and is the company formed  between the current Italian group “Fiat Chrysler Automobiles” and the Chinese Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) for the production in
China of Iveco heavy vehicles.

It was created in September 18, 2006 by theFiat Group.
This joint venture has sealed the partnership between the two groups and it has allowed Iveco to further strengthen its presence in Asia after the recent development of its Chinese Naveco subsidiary specializing in small and medium-end.
The creation of this company was made possible thanks to the possibility for foreign companies to acquire Chinese companies, surpassing the previous limit of 50%., Making it possible to Iveco, a subsidiary of CNH Industrial, and SAIC Motor Corporation, one of the most leading Chinese automotive manufacturers, to create it.

After buying the Chinese truck manufacturer Chongqing Hongyan Motor, the new brand was named Hongyan.
The new plant, built for the new productions according to standard Iveco, saw out the first truck Hongyan Genlyon in March 20, 2009.

The industrial activities of the brand focuses on the Iveco heavy vehicles and Chongqing on the old range with the contribution of Iveco technologies.

The production capacity exceeds 50,000 vehicles per year.
Another agreement was signed in July 24, 2006 between Iveco, Fiat Powertrain Technologies and SAIC Motor Corporation to produce the latest generation of engines for trucks and heavy vehicles.

Since this agreement was born Saic Fiat Powertrain Hongyan (SFH), specializing in engines and transmissions for heavy vehicles located at Huang Mao Ping in Chongqing; The agreement also includes a business plan for the production of three Iveco engine families: F5, NEF (4 and 6 cylinder) and Cursor 9.