​Daily Minibus

The New minibus version Daily is renewed and it fulfills with comfort, design and performance.
Completely redesigned to respond more and more to customer needs, the new Daily minibus range is broadened and enriched, optimizing efficiency and giving a new travel and driving pleasure.
Versatility is the trump card of the new Daily minibus that thanks to a complete range of models is able to meet any people transportation need:

  • Daily Tourys a touring bus in a compact version.
  • Daily Line: ideal for long-distance routes.
  • Daily Citys: dedicated to transport in small urban centers and suburban areas.
  • Daily Pop: dedicated to school transport in elementary and medium versions.

Daily Tourys - Touring Minibus
Daily Tourys is synonymous with comfort and style of a grand touring bus, also if in a compact version. With reclining seats, in a luggags carrier lowered with a maximum capacity of 2.5 m3 easily accessible and new finishings for floor and roof, is even more perceptible the "family feeling" with the “Iveco Bus” coaches range . The new high-level standard equipment, such as LED lights and individual air-conditioning vents, can be enriched with a variety of optional even more exclusive, as the LCD monitor and the refrigerator.

DAILY LINE / Intercity Minibus
Ideal for long-distance routes, Daily Line always offers the right configuration for every need. Choosing from three lengths, two types of doors, different passengers layout, from 16 to 22 seats, and specific options such as the platform for disabled and the specific place for people with reduced mobility, the vehicle can be easily customized according to its real needs, without having to compromise between construction features and passenger capacity. Daily Line is also available in CNG version.

DAILY CITYS - Urban Minibus
Daily Citys (class A and I) is dedicated model for the people transport l in small urban centers and suburban areas. It features a central double door with access for the disabled in wheelchairs via ramp. Daily Citys is also available in CNG version.

Specially designed for the Italian market, Daily Pop is the schoolbus par excellence. The standard specification includes the seats fixed in a rail , the place for an assistant, the swinging-sliding door access to the front, the rear emergency door and the unmistakable yellow color. It can be provided with a second seat for the passenger and a rear ramp for the transport of passengers with reduced mobility. Available in diesel and CNG, has a maximum capacity of 45 passengers for elementary schools and 32 passengers for secondary schools.

Chassis cowl – semi-stripped chassis cowl
The Chassis cowl and semi-stripped chassis cowl are assembled by IVECO to meet all the needs of customers who, thanks to the intervention of the bodybuilders , may realize all possible applications with no limits on the types of transformation; from campers to the stand for peddlers, etc.
All this thanks to the longitudinal side-members made by steel with a "C" section connected by tubular cross-members, several wheelbases, different body lengths  and rear overhangs.
The chassis cowl has fitted a front axle with steering with independent wheels and a diesel engine, 2998 cc 4-cylinder in-line with front / longitudinal position.
The semi-stripped chassis cowl version is assembled without the front windscreen panel to facilitate the Body-builder for assembling special bodies .