Customer materials conformity / suitability

The materials that are sent to the customer to make up the lots or in response to claims may occasionally be damaged during transport, or may have malfunctions that only become evident during use.
The CKD Markets transmit complaints to IVECO Claim specialist  using a special form via electronic mail or via ”on line” CLAIM system with the following causes:

  • Total Missing part indicated by "M"

 This is due to possible errors in the BOM. The necessary corrections are made in the document.  

  • Partial missing part  indicated by "S"

The anomaly is reported to the responsible Operators and checks are performed on the packages.

  • Damaged material by "D"

The causes are identified and, if necessary, the packaging method is modified.

  • wrong material by "W"

(A x B): In this case, two different checks must be performed.
The first regards the stock, checking that it conforms to the drawing; the second regards incoming material from the supplier

  • Non-functioning material by "F"
  • The necessary checks are performed involving the supplier.
  • Damaged due to packaging by "DP"
  • Damaged due to transport by "DT"
  • Rusted material by "A"

In the case of parts not present on the Supply List because they are part of an assembly, the symbols listed above must be accompanied by an asterisk( M* etc.).