Material localisation

Customers occasionally ask to localise certain parts of the vehicle or to modify the standard supply of certain parts in order to organise the local manufacture of parts, developing the potential of the Market.
This is requested in order to produce some parts locally to Iveco specifications (odds and ends, brackets, journals or even more complex parts such as seats, windscreens and side windows, wheel rims, headlights, plastic parts, etc.).
This can be done without eliminating the part from the bill of materials; in this case it is foreseen the way of Lightening in the PBoM.
In any case, Iveco must coordinate and support the licensee and ancillary industrial companies with the necessary technical/technological documentation to develop the manufacture of said parts and related spares.
Iveco normally grants two types of technical authorisation, which often depends on the complexity of the part and the type of security:

  • self-certification by the customer or ancillary company annexing the technical specifications supplied by Iveco
  • approval by Engineering, supported by laboratory tests of the part in question, which is sent to Iveco by the customer

Iveco is not liable for warranties and after-sales service of localised components.