Fiat I.V. Milestones

Milestones in the history of Fiat V.I.

1899 – F.I.A.T. is founded
1903 – The first commercial vehicle: the Fiat 24 HP.
1925 – Fiat acquires the S.P.A. company (Società Piemontese Automobili) from the Ansaldi family.
1929 – Creation of the Fiat V.I. (Fiat Veicoli Industriali) company that includes Fiat (commercial vehicles division) which controls S.P.A. and Ceirano (Scat-Ceirano).
1930 – Fiat V.I. coordinates the planning of its products, manufacture of common parts and marketing of all types. The Fiat product range covers vehicles with payloads of 300 kg up to heavy 10 tonne trucks and 16 to 40-seater buses.
1931 – Fiat acquires an interest in Ceirano which merges with S.P.A..
1933 – OM (Officine Meccaniche, formerly automobili Züst) is taken over by Fiat, and the plants in Brescia and Suzzara are incorporated in Fiat Veicoli Industriali. Car production by Om-Züst is abandoned. OM concentrates on civilian truck and rail rolling-stock.
1935 – Fiat acquires 100% of Ceirano, which is managed by OM. The Ceirano plants start to produce S.P.A. trucks.
1937 – Merger of OM Milan and OM Brescia.
1947 – S.P.A. is responsible for the production of all Fiat heavy vehicles in the Stura plant.
1949 – Fiat-Simca buys out the French manufacturer UNIC.
1952 – Foundation of DINA in Mexico to manufacture Fiat 682N and 682T trucks locally.
1956 – UNIC absorbs the French subsidiary of the famous Swiss truckbuilder Adolph Saurer AG.
1961 – 1st cooperation agreement with Tunisian coachbuilder STIA for bus structures.
1967 – 2nd agreement with Tunisian coachbuilder STIA for local assembly of Fiat V.I. trucks.
1966 – Fiat V.I. absorbs its French subsidiary UNIC.
1969 – Fiat buys out Lancia and the Lancia Commercial vehicle division merges with Fiat V.I. becoming Lancia Veicoli Speciali.
- Start of manufacture of the Fiat 619N - 619N3E, and 697N-697T models with GCW of 45 t in Argentina
1973 – Alfa Romeo sells 43% of the stock capital of its Brazilian truck subsidiary FNM (Fàbrica Nacional de Motores) to Fiat V.I.
1975 – Creation of IVECO and gradual phasing out of specific products of each brand.
1976 – Alfa Romeo merges with Fiat and FNM becomes a 100% subsidiary of Fiat V.I.

Fiat V.I. trucks manufactured abroad:
Until 1989 in Nigeria, manufacture of the Fiat 682 "baffo".
Manufacture of FNM-Fiat trucks Argentina and Brazil until 1990.