You can clearly see the advantages with IVECO BUS windscreens.

​Our windscreens are manufactured from thick laminated glass, composed of two sheets of glass held together by an adhesive plastic film. This ultra-resistant glass also blocks UV radiation and prevents drivers and passengers from being exposed to it. They have undergone rigorous tests to check their robustness against all types of impact.


  • Greater resistance in the event of an impact or rupture:  The fragments of glass remain attached to the PVC film which prevents any risk of injury.
  • High protection for the driver and the passenger compartment of the vehicle


An impact on the windscreen, even a minor one, involves hundreds of small cracks. These cracks can get larger at any impact. If this happens, contact your IVECO BUS expert to have it repaired as soon as possible.


The raw materials used for aftermarket parts have a lower level of quality and substantial savings are made during the manufacturing process. Parts manufactured without moulds or using equipment which does not correspond to IVECO BUS models are not compliant products, and will result in problems when fitted on the vehicle.

In addition to their poor desin, these parts will deteriorate quickly as they offer less resistance to impacts and are more vulnerable to weather conditions. There are many reasons why these cheap parts ultimately end up costing more than original ones.

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