Born versatile and designed for regional and national route services, airport transfers, organized travel tours and excursions, the new Evadys is your perfect business partner.
The only model on the market with the DNA of Crossway and the experience of Magelys, the new Evadys is a real champion in terms of operating versatility:

  • New tailored multi-purpose vehicle architecture
  • More luggage space than an ordinary intercity coach: up to 12 m3
  • More fuel-thrifty than a HD tourism coach, while offering heavier payload capacity.

<span style="color: rgb(52, 102, 205);">EVADYS</span>.<br>BORN VERSATILE.<br>BUILT PROFITABLE.


Different doors layouts

Up to 63

Up to 12 m3
Luggage capacity

The only model on the market with the DNA of Crossway and the experience of Magelys, Evadys is a real champion in terms of operating versatility – weekdays as well as weekends – more powerful, more comfortable and with more luggage space than an ordinary intercity coach, but more compact, more accessible, more lightweight and therefore more fuel-thrifty than a HD tour ism coach, while offering heavier payload capacity.

And thanks to the improved luggage compartment, you can take advantage of the full seat capacity of Evadys, since all passengers can get on board with their luggage safely and comfortably stored.

OUTSTANDING <span style="color: rgb(52, 102, 205);">VERSATILITY</span>


  • New tailored multi-purpose vehicle architecture
  • Up to 12m3 luggage capacity: perfect for regional and national route service, airport transfers, organized travel tours and excursions


With its tailored multitask vehicle architecture, New Evadys is at ease as line mission with a lot of stops than touristic mission.

New Evadys doesn’t only offer the highest level of comfort for passengers, but it also takes care of their luggages.

Luggage is not just volume, but mainly weight: that’s why we have studied the best solutions in order to optimized it and avoid the space losses with up to 10.15 m3 of total luggage compartment volume with an added capacity of 1.8 m3 of inside luggage racks for a total capacity up to 12 m3, the equivalent of an average of 200L of luggage volume by passenger that could be loaded.

Two lengths, three types of doors are available to meet different operating requirements: Single Middle Door when a central toilet is required, Double Middle Door to accommodate a wheelchair lift, and Single Rear Door to allow the maximum record luggage compartment as well as 15 different configurations are available to make the new Evadys the ideally versatile coach.

Different types of gearboxes available (manual, robotized and automatic) allow you to choose the optimum solution for your market and specific vehicle applications.


  • Strong heritage and long lasting experience
  • Tested in extreme road and climatic conditions: from -30°C to +50°C
  • Exclusive Hi-SCR technology avoiding regeneration


In order to develop the new Evadys as the perfect bus for multitasking and versatile applications, we started from our unrivalled experience and proved reliability in the intercity vehicles family.

Repeatedly tested in extreme traffi c and climatic conditions, from -30°C to +50°C, with more than 120,000 km road and functional tests and the equivalent to 2,000,000 km on European roads as endurance tests, the new Evadys guarantees maximum performance, strength and dependability on all routes, together with a high level of travel comfort for passengers.

The vehicle, its structure and components are protected with cataphoretic anti-corrosion treatment, the most advanced and effi cient industrial solution against corrosion.

The solutions implemented for the new Evadys fi t the standards of public transport through the choice of materials and technologies guaranteeing sustainability and long service life.

Exclusive IVECO HI-SCR solution helps avoiding the risks of high temperature when regeneration and provide the maximum safety for your passengers.

PROVEN <span style="color: #3466cd;">RELIABILITY</span>
OPTIMIZED <span style="color: #3466cd;">PROFITABILITY</span>


  • Best-in-class TCO in its segment
  • Low fuel consumption and long service intervals
  • High residual value
  • Optimized multi-use both working week and weekend


Reduced operation expenses, low fuel and fl uid consumption, long service intervals and environmentally friendly qualities make new Evadys a very effective solution whatever is its mission.

Inspired by tourism and intercity models, new Evadys delivers its operators an excellent level of productivity.

Optimized multiuse of new Evadys during both working days and weekends gives the maximum for the operators in terms of profi tability.

High passengers capacity, total fl exibility of missions and applications, and best-in-class in TCO make the new Evadys the perfect money maker with an excellent quality, performance and price positioning ratio.

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