The IVECO BUS battery - full of energy!

​The battery is a key component of your vehicle, performing 3 basic functions being essential to the correct operation of your vehicle. It supplies the required energy to start the vehicle, provides power to additional sources (tailgate, comfort accessories, etc.) and supplements the energy supplied by the alternator when the engine is running slowly by providing less energy.

Coaches, buses - not everybody has the same needs in terms of energy and resistance to vibrations. IVECO BUS offers batteries which are perfectly suited to each vehicle.


  • Up to 3 times more operating cycles in comparison to standard batteries
  • Up to 30 times more resistant to vibrations (one of the main causes of battery replacements)
  • Up to 10% more energy and quicker charging time.


Never recharge your battery when it is installed in pairs: You risk overloading the alternator.


The battery is a product that is very sensitive to extreme heat. To avoid a breakdown, check the starting circuit before each season.

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