Protect your engine with IVECO BUS filters to extend its lifespan and optimise its performance.

Genuine IVECO BUS filters have a high-tech internal structure: The multi-layer medium. Made from three layers of synthetic material, it offers a higher filtration capacity and resistance.

IVECO BUS air filters trap 99.96% of particles.


  • A product certified ISO9001, I400I and TS16946
  • Optimal safety
  • Ultra-resistant composition with three thick layers


It is recommended to change the engine oil and replace the filter during each maintenance operation (M1/M2). Depending on vehicle use and the condition of the oil changed, do not hesitate to change the oil more frequently.


For all parts, IVECO BUS chooses materials that can withstand extreme conditions (temperature, vibrations and pressure). These conditions are replicated in our laboratory to make sure of the quality of our filters. These filters are designed to remain efficient throughout 4,000,000 cycles, compared to standard filters which only tolerate 3099 cycles.

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