You always benefit from the best quality with IVECO BUS bodywork parts!

​IVECO BUS has incorporated a series of rigorous tests into its standard assessment procedures for materials to determine: Their reactions to stresses, the resistance of components, aesthetic appearance, etc.

Tests performed on genuine IVECO BUS bumpers:

  • Moulding of thermosetting plastics.
  • Material specifications (density, elastic behaviour, resistance).
  • Dimensional stability of the part.
  • Reactions to full thermal cycles.
  • Resistance to chemical agents, scratches and accelerated ageing simulations.
  • Resistance to loads, wear, impacts and vibrations.
  • Combustion speed.
  • Tightness of bolts and mountings.
  • Aesthetic qualities of the part.

Aside from the materials and manufacturing, genuine bodywork parts are perfectly compatible with your vehicle and can be easily installed compared to lower quality parts.


  • Savings due to parts being replaced less frequently
  • Vehicle immobilised for a shorter amount of time
  • Optimised safety with more resistant parts


In the case of high-pressure washing, it is recommended to keep the nozzle 20 cm away from your vehicle. Underneath the vehicle, there is a risk of the jet damaging the more fragile parts (plastic, painted or chrome parts).


IVECO BUS tests its bumpers in the factory under real conditions in order to obtain reliable outcome regarding the behaviour of the components installed. Most of our IVECO BUS parts are patented.

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