All engines meet Euro 3 standards.

To deliver excellent performance, low running costs and superior driver comfort, the TRAKKER is available in 8 and 13 litres variants, spanning a power range of 380 to 440 HP.

THE CURSOR 13 is ideal for the most demanding applications in the toughest environments and most adverse conditions. Available on 380, 420 and 440 HP versions, it delivers high

The result is an improved acceleration and drivability and an increased durability of the clutch and the gearbox. With displacement of 12,880 cm3 and in-line 6-cylinder architecture, the CURSOR 13 also meets EURO III emissions standards. 

The in-line 6-cylinder architecture with overhead camshaft and rear-mounted timing gear generates less noise and vibration, while ensuring fluid responsiveness in every situation, with obvious benefits for comfort and engine life. 

The CURSOR 13 380 and 420HP engine is equipped with Iveco's Combined Engine Brake.

CEB : Double-acting engine brake

The CEB – Combined Engine Brake is an uprated engine brake which combines two effects: decompression and braking torque. By means of a butterfly valve on the exhaust manifold, it generates sufficient exhaust gas counter pressure to slow the rotation of the engine and increase the braking force.
That’s how the TRAKKER pushes back the frontiers of the possible, while ensuring unprecedented safety and reliability.



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