More proximity for maximum productivity

Driven by customer satisfaction, IVECO works to provide you the highest quality vehicles, parts and logistics. To limit your downtime and guarantee maximum performance, we continue to invest in a growing network of spare parts warehouses and logistic services.

We strive to reach you with the right part, in the right place, at the right time with a fast and effective customer​ centric supply chain.


  • 10 500 sqm Storage space 
  • ​25,000  Parts numbers managed in stock 
  • 180 000 Parts orders handled per year 
  • 24/7​ Deliveries day and night 
  • >95% parts procurement level 
  • ​24 Hour dedicated parts standby

​Wherever you are, access a vast selection ​​​of Genuine Parts for your vehicle in record time. For you, this means enhanced performance and minimal downtime to maintain high levels of services all year. When you buy an IVECO vehicle, you know you also buy a high-performance Aftersales service with a fast response assistance to any challenge you might encounter during your vehicle’s lifetime:

  • ​Client center Assistance Non-Stop reachable 24/7 all across Southern Africa. A direct contact to find solutions everywhere you could be and limit your vehicle downtime
  • 46 dealers within Southern Africa: IVECO’s large network of expert ​technicians to get you up and running quickly. All technicians are IVECO-certified and fully trained on the latest products and diagnostic tools.
  • Traceability Systems: Parcels Track&Trace to follow your parts orders from depot to delivery, as well as Genuine Parts Traceability to escape counterfeits. ​