Made tough for african conditions. ​

NEW TRAKKER SR is the culmination of a design history of excellence that started in 1993 with EUROTRAKKER, and saw major milestones in 1996, with the launch of the 8X8 version, in 2000, with the introduction of the new CURSOR engines, in 2001 with the presentation of the EUROTRONIC 2 automated transmission, in 2006 with the adoption of Euro 5 engines, and in 2007 with the new cab.

As testimony to its off-road prowess, the Trakker was also used in the 2006 Dakar Rally.
That’s the TRAKKER from Iveco, which is one of the first models to roll off the production line at the newly-commissioned plant at Rosslyn, Pretoria.

The NEW TRAKKER SR fits into the Iveco range between the dedicated off-road TRAKKER and the on-road STRALIS and is ideally suited for the medium distance side tipping application with up-to to 60% on-road and 40% off-road (that is, good gravel roads) capabilities.
The NEW TRAKKER SR tare mass is 8 970kg. A typical side tipper trailer combination will have a tare mass of around 9 600kg. That weight saving means that the TRAKKER offers a payload of close to 37 000kg. The weight saving also translates to better fuel economy and reductions in running costs for operators. 

While there have been weight savings made in the TRAKKER, the vehicle still retains Iveco’s legendary strength and reliability. The steel chassis is of ladder construction, with pressed steel side members and riveted and bolted cross members. The chassis design and construction allow not only for strength and simplicity, but are also ideally suited for on and off-road applications.  



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