​NEW TRAKKER SR : Strong in design.​

The NEW TRAKKER SR is enhanced with styling solutions that give even more strength to its unmistakable looks. The new front stands out for its central grille, re-designed bumper cladding and re-styled sun visor.

Vehicle protection

All structural and cab parts have been designed with a mix of on- and off-road use in mind. The steel front bumper is divided into three parts to reduce the cost of replacement in the event of partial damage. 

A protective grille is fitted as standard on the light-clusters, to protect them against damage caused by stones or protruding objects. A steel plate under the front bumper can also be specified as an option, to protect the radiator and intercooler system.

The NEW TRAKKER SR also comes with vertical silencers as standard, for use of equipment when the vehicle is stationary with the engine on.



Technical data sheet


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