The New Trakker in brief

The quarry and construction vehicle market is extremely complex, because of the many applications: vehicles with 2, 3 or 4 axles with or without all-wheel drive; a wide range of power; trucks and tractors; light or oversized models; and special variants for special outfits. Trakker is a work tool designed to meet every kind of extreme off-road mission on wheels ranging from 18 to 72 ton.
The real innovation with new Trakker is mainly the new Stralis-based cabin, resulting from the work carried out with great determination, in collaboration with the dealers and customers who took part in the design, to improve its driving comfort and the life onboard - which is now widely acknowledged as being vitally important to productivity and safety.
New Trakker is designed from the outset to meet customers’ needs and expectations, primarily in terms of strength and reliability. New Trakker represents a perfect blend of strength, reliability, and the comfort of new Stralis AD and AT cabs.
Adoption of the grille and badging, already introduced on the new Stralis range, provides an improved platform for sign writing in the vehicle customer’s livery. The three-piece steel bumper, an essential cost saving aspect of the Trakker range, is painted in a darker grey colour to match the self-coloured plastic parts.
The new Trakker range is wider than ever. It boasts a product range, in both left and right hand drive, that allows customers to tailor the product to their specific mission. The range includes 2 engines (Cursor 8 and Cursor 13) and 2 cabins (Active Day and Active Time). Rigid truck versions are available in 4x2, 4x4, 6x4, 6x6 and 8x8 configurations with power ratings from 310 to 500hp.
Tractor versions are available in 4x2, 4x4, 6x4 and 6x6 configurations with power ratings from 360 to 500hp.
New Trakker was designed to support body building activities through a wide range of transmission and direct engine driven PTOs, electrical connections available both within the cab and on the chassis and the CANopen data bus expansion module.
New Trakker reduces maintenance costs minimizing downtime with prolonged engine oil change intervals (once per year) and through a quick and accurate diagnostics onboard. As for engines, a feature of new Trakker is the Cursor engine range, a reference point in terms of torque, life, maintenance and operating costs: they consume – in accordance with the various missions - 2 to 5% less compared to the already economic Euro 3 versions.
Whether it is required to operate under the most extreme off-road conditions or cover most of its life on-road with occasional off-road excursions, new Trakker can be specified to optimise payload and fuel consumption.
The new Trakker – like the Stralis - was designed to demonstrate Iveco fundamental values towards excellence: Commitment, Reliability, Performance, Team Spirit and Power. Values Trakker shares with the New Zealand rugby national team, the All Blacks, who in their history have won more than anyone else. To confirm this value sharing, already celebrated by the new Stralis, on the occasion of its launch the new Trakker was presented in black livery and bright green tattoos recalling the unmistakable All Blacks’ feature.