The new Eurocargo in brief

The vehicle segment covered by the Eurocargo is very wide, from 6 to 19t, it covers municipal, public utility, retail distribution and general light haulage. Eurocargo is a work horse with a proven track record.

Originally launched in 1991 as the first vehicle in itsclass designed and developed by Iveco, Eurocargo has won many accoladesint ernationally starting with the coveted ‘International Truck of the Year’ in 1992. Since its launch in 1991 to date, Iveco has built over 430,000 Eurocargo vehicles; testamen to its popularity among vehicle buyers and it has always sold at either number 1 or number 2 position in its segment 
in Europe.The addition of the Tector engine in 2000 and cab restyling in 2003 further cemented theEurocargo as the vehicle of choice in the medium weight truck segment.Now in 2008 the latest incarnation of this popular product range is launched, morecompetitive and productive than ever, ready to overcome new challenges and to respond in a better and more complete way to al the needs of the fleet operator.Since its first launch in 1991 it has been recognised as being an incredibly versatileproduct range and now new Eurocargo today offers even more available model variantswith new equipment, both optional and standard.

These aspects allow the customer toconfigure the vehicle appropriately to the needs of the operation, whether this is urban distribution, building work or municipal services.New Eurocargo is renewed both in form and in content. Starting with the driver’s cab,completely renewed from the outside to the internal appointments, offering the best ofdriver comfort for the driver and passengers, improving life on board and so contributingto improving road safety by not subjecting the driver to fatigue brought about bydiscomfort. The grille and front panel adopt the latest Iveco family feeling with provisionfor vehicle owners to personalise their vehicle with their specific fleet livery. Frontmudguards are new with also new integrated light cluster groups.

The cab is immediately available with the familiar three Eurocargo cabs, The MLC daycab, the MLL sleeper cab and the MLD crew cab ensuring the immediate successalready achieved by earlier Eurocargo models in being specified to every chosen vehiclemission. Eurocargo MLL sleeper cab models gain the benefit of twin large capacityexternal tool lockers introduced with the new Stralis.
New Eurocargo inherits the excellent Tector engine range, developed and produced byFPT –Fiat Powertrain Technologies, exploiting its performance, reliability and lowoperating cost and so contributing to the vehicle’s earning potential and performancewith a low environmental impact.A new range 6 and 9 speed ZF transmissions are introduced with fully automatedtransmission shifting and clutch control optionally available on 6 speed versions somaking further driver safety and drive train durability enhancements.

Lighter than before,the manual transmissions optimise the vehicle performance in all configurations of 5, 6or 9 speeds.The Eurotronic 6 speed version is equipped with transmission control software thatoptimises fuel consumption, initiating gear changes at the ideal point from an enginespeed and load point of view.The Allison full automatic hydrodynamic transmission is, for the first time offered on thefull range from 12t gvm, providing an elevated ease of operation, driver comfort andreduced operating cost for vehicles on typical stop-go missions (e.g. refuse collection)from 7.5t upwards.

Active safety features have been made available aplenty; ASR (anti wheel-spin control),ESP (electronic stability control) and Hill-Holder (anti roll-back system for hill starts), tobe introduced at a later date, are all optionally available. Acoustic warning devices suchas the seat belt reminder, alerting the driver if the seat belt is not fastened when thevehicle moves from rest, and the park brake warning, alerting the driver if the driver’sdoor is opened without first applying the park brake, are available as standard.Body builder intervention has been further simplified by the addition of an option. ‘TipperBody Control’.

The tipper body control and the PTO control levers are mounted onto thebase of the driver’s seat and include all electrical and pneumatic controls, so reducingbody builder intervention time and maintaining the integrity of the cab interior.Iveco has developed a range of after market accessories dedicated to the newEurocargo in order to further enhance the new vehicle enabling the driver to achieve themaximum in terms of performance, comfort and safety on board. 
The new Eurocargo, –like the new Stralis and new Trakker - was designed to demonstrate Iveco fundamentalvalues towards excellence: Commitment, Reliability, Performance, Team Spirit andPower. Values new Eurocargo shares with the New Zealand rugby national team, theAll Blacks, who in their history have won more than anyone else.