Difficult day for IVECO
approaching the end of the Dakar Rally 2018

13th Stage


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Difficult day for IVECO​ approaching the end of the Dakar Rally 2018.

While fighting for the lead in the overall standings, Federico Villagra from YPF Infinia Diesel Team De Rooy was forced to retire with a gearbox failure; IVECO keeps running inside the Top.​

In spite of this, IVECO is still in competition with its two crews of Team PETRONAS De Rooy IVECO: Ton Van Genugten y Artur Ardavichus.

The Kazakh driver finished the day one hour behind the winner, Eduard Nikolaev. Ardavichus managed to overcome one of the most difficult stages and is in the overall Top 5. Meanwhile, Ton Van Genugten was fighting for the lead in the special until the start of the second part of it, when he had to stop with mechanical issues. He lost more than four hours in Stage 13 and dropped to ninth overall.

13th​ Stage Ranking​​​​

​1. NIKOLAEV Kamaz 05:59:02 -
​2. MARDEEV Kamaz 05:59:52 00:00:50
​3.​​ KOLOMY Tatra 06:05:08 00:06:06
​4. VIAZOVICH MAZ 06:26:47 00:27:45
​5. SOTNIKOV Kamaz 06:31:56 00:32:54
​6.​​ SUGAWARA Hino
​7.​​ MACIK Liaz 06:51:32 00:52:30
​8. SOLTYS Tatra 06:56:52 00:57:50
​9.ARDAVICHUSIVECO Powerstar 06:59:14 01:00:12
​19​.​​ VAN GENUGTENIVECO Powerstar
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​