Services to maximize vehicle uptime

A stationary vehicle is a loss of profit

Unexpected downtime generates costs and prevents you from meeting the commitments made to customers.

At IVECO, we do everything we can to keep your vehicle on the road and available whenever you need it. To this end, we have developed an excellent set of services all focused on reducing unplanned downtime in order to maximize uptime.

Thanks to our collaboration with the IVECO dealer network and telematics services, we are able to provide vehicle monitoring and remote diagnostics. Additionally, based on the current usage and condition of the vehicle, we can provide advice on planned interventions in order to avoid unplanned workshop stops.

All of this results in maximized vehicle availability, time and cost savings for your business, increased productivity, and greater success.

Management and monitoring of uptime

The profitability and success of your business also depend on how operational your vehicle is. IVECO has developed services aimed at maximizing vehicle availability by avoiding unexpected downtime, which results in loss of revenue for your business and costs.
IVECO Connectivity Box and IVECO Uptime Monitoring System
Your vehicles equipped with an active Connectivity Box continuously send data to the IVECO Uptime Monitoring System, which analyzes the status of your vehicles and some of their components, such as battery, filters, brake pads, and brakes. If anomalies are detected, a proactive alert is sent to the IVECO Uptime Customer Center, which takes appropriate action to prevent a possible breakdown.

IVECO Customer Uptime Center and IVECO Service Network
In the event of an anomaly that could result in unexpected downtime, the IVECO Customer Uptime Center proactively contacts the nearest IVECO Service Center, which will inform you of the need to plan a stop to prevent a breakdown.

To make proactive alerts even more precise, with your consent, the IVECO Service Center can remotely connect to your vehicle to retrieve additional information about the problems, in order to prepare the necessary spare parts and tools in advance, reducing workshop stop times.

The IVECO Customer uptime centre is based in Melbourne. The operator will respond to alerts and communicate with your IVECO Service Centre.

Thanks to our Vehicle Management and Monitoring service, we will reduce unexpected downtime.
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IVECO Remote Assistance

A vehicle problem that stops your business causes a loss of time and work opportunities. IVECO Remote Assistance eliminates the need to conduct diagnostic operations in the workshop, reducing downtime and making repair management more efficient.
The Remote Assistance Service (RAS) and the Over-the-Air functionality even allow for remote problem resolution, for a quick return to the road.
Remote Diagnosis to Reduce Repair Times

IVECO Remote Assistance allows IVECO Service Centers to remotely connect to your vehicle to check the history of faults, monitor vehicle parameters, modify configurations, and perform software updates of the control unit through the Over-The-Air option.

With your consent, the service staff or technician at the IVECO Service Center will use a specific PIN code for each RAS session to connect to the vehicle and resolve any problems automatically over-the-air, for a quick return to the road.
Moreover, the Remote Assistance Service (RAS) allows the IVECO Service Center technician to prepare in advance the necessary spare parts and tools for the repair, minimizing your workshop stop time as much as possible.
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IVECO Over-the-Air

Going to the workshop to update your vehicle's software takes time and can cause a loss of productivity. The new IVECO Over-the-Air service allows you to update your vehicle software independently and at your convenience. This solution saves time and ensures that your vehicle is constantly updated and highly performing, without the need for workshop stops.
Updating your vehicles on the go

IVECO Over-the-Air helps keep your fleet efficient and productive. This feature, available on IVECO WAY range equipped with an active Connectivity Box, is easy to use and allows for quick software updates without having to go to the workshop. The update can be downloaded and installed anywhere, anytime, and takes only a few minutes, as long as the vehicle is parked safely.

To receive communication of an available update, you must be registered with an IVECO ON account connected to your vehicles, and to install it, you can use the infotainment system or the IVECO Easy App.
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Maintenance & Repair

A vehicle in perfect condition is crucial to ensure maximum vehicle uptime, a more productive operation, and lower total operating costs.

IVECO offers personalized solutions to provide you with the highest levels of assistance based on your needs and the size of your company.

TCO Products
Elements is a set of maintenance and repair contract solutions aimed at protecting the value, performance, and productivity of your vehicle over time. A perfect synergy between Service, Spare Parts, and the Dealer Network is at your complete disposal to keep your vehicle in perfect condition.

The "TCO Products" that ensure a long life for your vehicle:

Maintenance, lubrication, oil and fluid changes as specified in the "use and maintenance" manual.
Repairs to the engine, injection system, gearbox, driveshaft, and axles.
All repairs not included in the powertrain element, such as electrical system and control units.
Clutch, brake pads, brake discs, drums, brake seals for drum brakes.

The advantages of using TCO Products packages:
  • High vehicle availability due to the full application of the maintenance plan defined by IVECO and the most efficient repair process.
  • High quality maintenance and repairs carried out using original parts within the IVECO Service network.
  • Higher residual value to protect customers' investment value.
  • Clear and well-defined costs, evenly distributed over time. Simplified budget management.
  • Reduction in administrative tasks.

Maintenance and Repair Contracts
You can choose the best levels of assistance based on your company's needs and size, knowing that the associated costs are fixed and predictable.



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Warranty Extension

Critical components will no longer be a source of concern.
IVECO offers a warranty extension service that includes the Powertrain elements and Other repairs, which you can choose modularly based on your personal needs.


Contact your local dealer to learn more about the services available for your vehicle and choose the perfect contract for your business.

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