A new world of connectivity

A single point of contact for IVECO customers, for services for their vehicles, always updated and accessible from mobile devices.

Fuel and performance

Updated information on fleet, driving style, CO2 emissions to improve overall efficiency and sustainability
Improve vehicle performance and fuel consumption: thanks to the Smart Report available for all connected vehicles based on the Driving Style Evaluation (DSE) system on board that generates weekly reports for the Fleet Manager on:
• Data on fuel consumption and driver behaviour monitored through DSE algorithms.
• Tyre Pressure Monitoring System when available on board.
• Tips to improve driving style, fuel consumption and vehicle optimization. You can monitor both the aggregate result of the entire fleet and the detail of a single vehicle to better understand how to reduce fuel consumption.
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Safe driving

Be safer on the road with the new Safe Driving Report
The new Safe Driving Report allows you to measure and improve the safety of your driving.
The Safe Driving Report is generated exclusively through new and specific algorithms and is available for all connected vehicles.
Thanks to the evaluation of Safe Driving new parameters are available to help you to be more and more safe driving!
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Monitoring & Remote assistance

IVECO connectivity to maximize your vehicles' uptime and productivity
IVECO connectivity will help you maximize your vehicle uptime and productivity through a proactive approach with Remote Service tools for remote diagnostics, teleservice services, and over-the-air updates.
IVECO helps you make the most of your vehicle by monitoring it remotely.
If a problem arises, IVECO connectivity management will contact you to advise you on how to plan a maintenance stop at a workshop, to carry out the necessary interventions.
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Manage your fleet

We can help you monitor your vehicles’ fuel consumption and drivers, plan their day-to-day activities, optimise routes, and dispatch orders. Increase fleet administration capabilities through insights on your driver’s workdays and geolocation!

Download IVECO ON apps

Download the IVECO ON apps for a complete professional experience always with you

Easy Way App

Make your life easier as an IVECO S-WAY driver; Easy Way App allows to manage the cabin and vehicle functionalities directly from your mobile device.

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