Productivity and efficiency

Reach your business objectives with IVECO
The biggest challenges when it comes to transport and logistic business are reducing transportation costs, rising fuel costs, driver shortage, complex regulations and the need for more sustainable operations while keeping your customer satisfied.
IVECO knows that and has developed a constantly growing portfolio of solutions to successfully tackle this challenges with you.
We rely on connectivity, digitalization and data analytics to help you to increase fleet efficiency, reduce operating costs and increase the performance and safety of your drivers
With IVECO services you can monitor your vehicles performances and data, minimize your fuel consumption, optimize your routes, improve your drivers’ driving style towards fuel efficiency and lower emissions


Your peace of mind on fleet status
Reaching productivity and efficiency targets in conducting your business is important to protect your competitiveness and profitability. IVECO stands by you with a valuable set of information and insights regarding your vehicles and your fleets.

Monitor and manage key operating parameters at any moment to get the best from your vehicles.

IVECO ON is an easy-to-use platform that gives you access to all data from your connected IVECO vehicles. A customizable dashboard and regular reporting activity will provide you with all the necessary information to have full control over the management of your IVECO fleet, the safety of your drivers, and the operating times of your IVECO vehicles. Access flexible maintenance and repair services and monitor them. Join the IVECO community and improve communication with your preferred IVECO dealers to keep your IVECO vehicle in perfect condition.

Fleet Dashboard
Access your IVECO ON portal portal to observe data related to your fleet's fuel consumption, delve into vehicle behavior over a period of time you select, and create your personal dashboard with preferred data. Receive targeted suggestions, create/extract reports, and discover the numerous other available functions.

Regular Reporting Activity
Gain systematic access to the most important information about your vehicles and simplify your daily work by focusing on your main activity. The IVECO ON portal regularly provides you with relevant information and necessary actions to improve the availability and usage of your fleet.

The Driving Style Evaluation (DSE) onboard system generates weekly reports that are automatically sent to the fleet manager, so that customers have summaries of fuel consumption and driver behavior in previous weeks in terms of efficiency and safety. The data is also uploaded to IVECO ON and sent to the customer via email.

Notification Center
If you are promptly informed about events that affect your vehicle, you are more at ease and can plan in advance the necessary service and maintenance interventions.
In the Notification Center section, you will receive all notifications related to vehicle operating times, as well as pending Over the Air updates and recall campaigns.
More specifically, the IVECO Over the Air Update function allows customers to remotely update their vehicle's software without having to stop at the workshop: a practical and streamlined solution that ensures the vehicle is always up to date, protected, and in optimal condition.

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Get Integrated with your operations
ICT assets are crucial elements of your productive chain. Being connected and integrated with it, protect your competitive edge and guarantee a quick return on investments.

Choose IVECO ON Web API service to integrate your IVECO vehicle data directly into your preferred ICT solution. The integration with your systems allows you to instantly retrieve real-time vehicle data without requiring special adaptations of your vehicles

A wide range of data to empower your existing ICT tools

This service is intended for those customers who want to create their own dashboards and reports, using the IVECO official vehicle data. It allows flexible data integration in the customer’s own systems and facilitates the management of IVECO-generated data together with that of other brands’ vehicles in a single tool. Data are stored from IVECO vehicles in real time daily on a cloud that aggregates the information for each customer, then makes them available on to customers’ systems.

IVECO Certified Data
Your IVECO Connectivity Box enables you to acces through Web Services:

• Real Time Position / Geolocation
• Fuel Consumption and Driving Style data
• Vehicle healths status

And more…
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