Crossway LE


Available in three lengths, 10,6, 12 and 12.80 metres, Crossway Low Entry is equally at home in both suburban and intercity environments. As well as having a radically new design, it is notable for its outstanding accessibility, excellent carrying capacity, high levels of comfort and low fuel consumption.

Modular by nature and offering a full range of possible layouts, it responds exactly to the needs of operators wanting to optimise operating costs. In addition, the use of proven technology and standardised components help make Crossway LE the ideal vehicle in terms of profitability.

A model of accessibility, Crossway LE is unparalleled in the welcome it offers. The access height is just 320 mm at the front door, and 330 mm at the centre, this being reduced to just 265 mm with the kneeling device.

With accessibility still the key, a manually or electrically operated wheelchair access ramp is available, since this vehicle can be fitted to include one or two wheelchair places.

The feeling of welcome on board Crossway LE continues inside the vehicle, thanks most notably to the interior architecture, the low floor at the front and centre, the total vehicle width (2.55 metres) and the design of the seats. These elements all combine to allow unhindered movement through the vehicle.

The power train on Crossway LE is suitable for all missions and operating conditions, thanks to two gearboxes (automatic or mechanical) and two environmentally-friendly engines. Available in three power ratings, 264 HP (194 kw) and 300 HP (220 kw) for the Tector EEV engine and 330 HP (243 kw) for the Cursor Euro 5, these two engines combine reduced fuel consumption with increased torque.

The Tector engine can satisfy the requirements of the EEV levels (Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicle) which allows a two-fold reduction in particulate emissions compared to that allowed under Euro 5, without the use of a particle filter. The Cursor engine, as an option, can meet the EEV standard, by adding a particle filter.

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