The city buses of the Citelis range are dedicated to urban operation. Citelis is available in three lengths, 10.5 m, 12 m and articulated 18 m, with Diesel or CNG power.

Iveco Irisbus is offering engines with outstanding environmental performances. As a matter of fact, since 2006 all its engines feature EEV level, the most stringent for public transportation.

All Citelis are fitted, in diesel range, with the Cursor 8 engine, available in three powers 245 hp, 290 hp and 380 hp and in CNG range 245 hp, 290 hp and 330 hp. And in Hybrid version 300 Hp.

Citelis offers of course integral low floor throughout the whole length of the vehicle, whatever the vehicle configuration or number of doors.

Inward swinging doors or sliding doors give access to large platforms, while passengers can move easily inside the vehicle thanks to the large width of the corridor. Passengers with reduced mobility or with wheelchair will find inside Citelis all the equipment they need to ease their transportation.

In addition, a special care has been given to air conditioning as well as noise insulation for a better passenger comfort. When operated, Citelis is particularly well designed with good accessibility to mechanical as well as electrical components. Body panels under side windows are also easily removable for quick repairs following minor road incidents.

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