Available in 10.60, 12 and 12.80 meter versions, the new Arway interurban coach is the perfect answer for those who need a vehicle dedicated to regional route services or for those who want a mixed mission vehicle.

Equipped with the kind of advanced technology that has made Iveco Irisbus so successful in this sector in Europe, Arway stands apart from other coaches with its modern, aesthetically pleasing, but functional design. It is equally remarkable for the careful attention paid to the well being of passengers and driver alike.

Add to this the favorable operating costs, optimized fuel consumption, keen sense of environmental protection and faultless reliability; it is easy to see why this coach is already on track for the future – the right way.

Combining a taste for performance with a keen sense of economy, Arway's Cursor 8 engine, which develops 330 HP or 380 HP, is generous in terms of power and torque, but mean in terms of fuel consumption. This Euro 5 engine uses the SCR system and can reach EEV emissions level as an option.

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