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Are you interested in IVECO CAPITAL products?
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Do you want to know about the ongoing IVECO CAPITAL promotions?
To find out about ongoing promotions, please check the "PROMOTIONS" page on the website.
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Do you want to contact the IVECO CAPITAL Customer Service?
The IVECO CAPITAL Customer Service is exclusively available online at the link
Per qualsiasi tipo di assistenza, ad esempio, riscatto, furto, variazione dell'anagrafica o dell'IBAN devi accedere alla tua area riservata su CAPITALCLICK e inserire la richiesta in modo guidato.

For any type of assistance, such as redemption, theft, change of personal data or IBAN, you must access your reserved area on CAPITALCLICK and enter the request in a guided manner.
In this way, you can also monitor its progress at any time.
Through CAPITALCLICK, you can also download invoices, information sheets, and tax and contractual documents, as well as stay informed about active promotions. he digital assistant LEASY is also available, which, through chat, will provide you with quick answers. Let yourself be guided by its suggestions contained in this video .
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Do you want to know how to register on CAPITALCLICK, the customer portal dedicated to you?​
To register on CAPITALCLICK, you need to go to the website and register using the credentials provided in the Welcome Letter received upon activation of the IVECO CAPITAL contract.

In case of lost credentials, you can follow the guided procedure found on the Log In page by clicking on "Forgot Client Code?" or "Forgot Password?" ”

Check out the video tutorials by LEASY, the digital assistant:

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Do you want to know how to download the CAPITALCLICK APP?​
To download the CAPITALCLICK APP, simply access the CAPITALCLICK portal and click on "Download".

If you have an ANDROID device (e.g. Samsung) or a DESKTOP PC, the application will appear directly on the HOME screen.
If you have an IOS device (e.g. iPhone, iPad), a couple of simple additional steps are required to make the new APP appear among the others.

Click on "Share"
Click on "Add to Home Screen"
Click on "Add"
The APP will appear among the other installed apps
Furthermore, if you use the "Save password" option provided by the support, the login credentials will remain in memory.

At any time and for any type of assistance, you can turn to the LEASY virtual assistant who will guide you both in accessing and using the portal.
LEASY in chat will always have the answer ready!
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