Driver care

To support and care about your valuable asset

Engaging the Driver, simplify his job are key areas in Transportation Industry.

An engaged Driver is motivated to go above and beyond what the job requires and also exerts positive influence on his peers. Improving his comfort provides also great benefit on his Driving conduct with direct impact on overall productivity and safety of your fleet.

IVECO is offering a range of services for Driver’s care, from the Driver Apps Easy Way App and Easy Daily App to the best-in-class IVECO DRIVER PAL pioneering on-board vocal driver companion built on Amazon Web Services with Amazon Alexa features.

In addition, the IVECO ON Portal gives fleet managers a better understanding of how their employees are driving on the road, providing insight into driver behavior and decision making. This data can lead to more coaching opportunities on how to improve overall safety.

IVECO ON Driver Apps

Simplify your life on board with a simple click
Simplify your life on board: control cabin features and call the Assistance Non-Stop with a simple click. Or ask for Remote Assistance Service during one of your stops. Download Easy Way App or Easy Daily App to enjoy the experience in the new cab!

Enjoy the drive and challenge your performance

  • IVECO ON Easy Way App

    Take your digital life on board and mirror your mobile device on the new infotainment system to use all its functionalities in full safety while driving.


The new app, designed to make the drivers’ life easy, enables you to control the cabin features directly from your smartphone allowing you to:

• Close doors or windows with a simple click.
• Switch the lights and music on and off while resting in your comfortable night area
• Regulate the temperature in the cab by controlling or programming the air conditioning and heating systems from the app.

    You can use your device to activate the IVECO Assistance Non-Stop service in case of breakdown. It will let the operator know where you are through the geolocation function.


During each trip you can access the DSE data which will help you to reduce fuel consumption and enhance your safe driving style.

    You can request remote assistance during one of your stops or in case of vehicle issues. IVECO or Dealer Network can diagnose the vehicle remotely. Connectivity Managers identify necessary electronic systems updates and perform them over-the-air. Download the EASY WAY app from Google Play or the App Store to enjoy the experience in the new cab.

IVECO ON Easy Daily App

You will be able to monitor the vehicle performances at a glance, make use of the remote assistance service and over the air update, as well as enjoy the functionalities IVECO DRIVER PAL skills, MYIVECO and MYCOMMUNITY all from your mobile device.

Main features available:

• IVECO DRIVER PAL integrated into the app to use vocal commands on board, reduce distraction and improve safety.
• IVECO DRIVER PAL Skills activation and tutorial; easy wizards and tutorial will guide you to connect the microphone, the audio on infotainment system, as well as the driver card to set up Driver Pal on your vehicle.
• Enhanced Driving Style Evaluation with an easier and enhanced user experience. The new algorithms provide a more efficient evaluation: new fuel savings, vehicle maintenance and safe driving KPIs to improve driving style and fuel efficiency.
• Remote Assistance Service and Over the Air Update: without the need for a remote workshop operator to connect to your vehicle, you can choose on your own the right moment to update the software.
• IVECO Assistance Non-Stop: use the H24 Assistance service directly from the app to improve uptime, so that you can always be on the road.
• Integrated IVECO User Manual.
• Automatic Pairing to vehicle with overall enhanced user experience. Simplify your life, download the app.

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Improves the driver's life on board
The new IVECO DRIVER PAL improves the driver's life on board, turning the vehicle into the perfect travel companion.
IVECO DRIVER PAL is the pioneering digital travel companion of IVECO, built on Amazon Web Services, which sets new standards in the field of innovative services for drivers by introducing a voice command skill through Amazon Alexa.
Thanks to Driver Pal, IVECO's new travel companion that includes the skills MYIVECO and MYCOMMUNITY, the driver brings their digital life on board and interacts with the vehicle and the rest of the community through voice commands via Amazon Alexa, thus experiencing a comfortable, safer, and more relaxed driving experience.

IVECO DRIVER PAL takes connectivity to a new level, also allowing voice command access to the growing range of IVECO's digital services and the wide range of features offered by Amazon Web Services and Amazon Alexa.

IVECO DRIVER PAL - Simplify your life


In the intelligent cabin, with Alexa seamlessly integrated into the vehicle, drivers have the ability to interact with the vehicle and activate all cabin commands using just their voice.

The vehicle's new digital travel companion offers drivers a safer driving experience with fewer distractions, allowing them to take care of secondary tasks using voice commands alone, enabling them to stay focused on their work.

The innovative voice command service allows drivers to manage route planning, check the vehicle's status, and request assistance to avoid delays and unforeseen stops, using voice-only information on traffic, weather conditions, and other inconveniences.

IVECO DRIVER PAL connects the community of drivers, enabling them to communicate safely and share information and route suggestions – all without language barriers, as IVECO's digital travel companion automatically translates all messages.

IVECO has expanded the capabilities of its digital travel companion, IVECO DRIVER PAL, by adding new features that will further help drivers of IVECO Daily and IVECO S-Way vehicles increase productivity and comfort, maximizing vehicle uptime.

The new vehicle location feature will save time by telling exactly where the vehicle is parked.

The voice command "Open MYIVECO," optimized to serve as a voice tutorial, will help the driver quickly explore the most frequently used commands, remaining open for quick and natural interaction.

New features that contribute to maximizing vehicle uptime include the ability to request IVECO's Assistance Non-Stop service via voice commands, as well as the integration of push notifications to receive real-time maintenance information.

Additional cabin commands can be activated via voice commands to enhance driver comfort and safety.

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Professional Safe Report

Prioritize your drivers’ safety
Safety is important for both your employees and the other drivers on the road. By prioritizing your drivers’ safety, you can build a safe and efficient fleet, as well as attract the best drivers. Safe driving can reduce or slow wear and tear on vehicles, and it can lower the total number of accidents. Proper driving safety also lower your fleet’s consumption, which saves you money on fuel.
Information is important for good management and IVECO, with the Professional Safe Report, provides information on drivers' decision-making and driving behavior. This data can indicate further training opportunities to improve the overall level of safety.

Professional Safe Report - Make your life safer

Professional Safe Report
IVECO ON Professional Safe Report provides an overview of drivers' safety that allows you to understand the safety level of the entire fleet, as well as a useful overall analysis for training purposes.

The Professional Safe Report is an automatic report whose purpose is to increase safety. It is based on algorithms that consider a combination of parameters and ADAS activations to evaluate the safety level of the driver's driving style.

The evaluation of safe driving provides new parameters that help you adopt a more cautious and safe behavior while driving.
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