Thanks to the TECTOR Common Rail turbocharged engines with waste-gates, the EUROCARGO boasts the lowest fuel consumption in its category.

TECTOR 6 : 240 HP (810 Nm of torque from 1,250 to 2,100 revs) 

The EUROCARGO 4X4 waste-gate valve optimizes torque and fuel consumption

The turbocharger, controlled by the waste-gate valve, limits pressure even at low rpm, optimizing torque and fuel consumption.
The limitation of pressure is essential for mechanical protection of the engine and the turbo. 

The waste-gate system permits turbo boost pressure to be kept constant, whilst allowing gradual pressure relief in certain conditions. It is this exhaust gas pressure which, having reached predetermined levels, opens a valve in the exhaust manifold. This permits by-pass of the gases before they impact on the turbo.