The urban range IVECO BUS offers lengths, engines and installations that meet all the needs of professionals and transit users, in terms of accessibility, cost and respect for the environment.

​Over the last 20 years, IVECO BUS has developed CNG as an alternative driveline to crude oil. Busses with natural gaz engines are more silent and without emissions of particles.

+New range, same technology : Urbanway with Cursor 8 CNG engine to build up gas bus fleets.
+ Wide range of natural gas vehicles for municipalities: Available in 10.5m 12m and 18m.
+ Future with biogas: Iveco CNG vehicles are compatible with bio-methane.


+ 290 (12m) and 330HP (18m) tr action power
+ Low emissions and Biogas compatible
+ Same technology as EEV to facilitate CNG bus fleet build up ​

BRT is unanimously acclaimed for best-in-class transportation suiting tighter municipal budget. IVECO BUS is the leader with CREALIS with Euro V sales close to 500 units. The new CREALIS Euro VI version is improved with new style and more character, many options to choose from providing over 3000 styling combinations. 

+ CREALIS is technically fully identical to URBANWAY
+ CREALIS 12 and 18 m, are technically fully identical to URBANWAY
+ Easy maintenance of front face with 3 tilting panels
+ Excellent luminosity and unique style with triple LED interior lighting and additional side glazing


Technical Sheet