Designed for public transport in urban areas, URBANWAY is the new low-floor city bus from IVECO BUS. Urbanway is characterized by high standards in terms of comfort for passengers and driver, capacity, choice of length, propulsion system, internal layout and profitability.

  • A new reinforced structure enabling the integration of the new Tector 7 and Cursor 9 diesel Euro VI engines as well as the Cursor 8 gas version
  • Its intelligent and refined design, manifested by its new lights and stylish, welcoming interior space
  • A high-positioned driver's compartment, generously equipped and fully compliant with EBSF recommendations (European Bus System of the Future)
  • Style that blends high technology with intelligent bus building to deliver flawless day-to-day operation

Urbanway is offered in three lengths: 10.5 m, 12 m and 18 m.


URBANWAY 18 m is more than the articulated version of the 12 m. It acknowledges the good design choices of IVECO BUS for low floor buses: ease of maintenance, excellent passenger accessibility and economical drivelines.

  • Available as Diesel, CNG and Full Hybrid
  • Easy maintenance with identical engine bay as 12 m
  • High power with up to 400 HP
  • Fast passenger boarding with 4 doors and excellent accessibility at the last door


Technical Sheet