with the perfect and durable visibility offered by Genuine wiper blades​​


A clearer view for a longer time

Efficient windscreen cleaning is essential to driver comfort and road safety. The mechanical pro​perties of wiper blades must remain constant over time, withstanding extreme temperatures, the weight of snow and other organic and non-organic projections.
IVECO’s Genuine wiper blades tick all of these boxes, allowing the driver to simply concentrate on the road and do their job.


  • Compliant with standard SAE JI98 and EC directive 77-649
  • Tested for more than 3 million cycles – the equivalent of 2,000 hours nonstop wiping
  • High resistance to external factors, including aerodynamics
  • Easy to change

Your benefits

Enhanced safety through maximum all-weather visibility
Cost control requiring less frequent replacement
Increased comfort with silent and smooth wiping.

Maintenance tips

  • Check your wiper blades for wear and cracks twice a year
  • Replacement interval: generally every year.
  • Replace in pairs to avoid immobilising vehicle twice in short succession

3 signs of wiper blade wear:

  • Noise and vibration
  • Streaks and stains
  • Poor cleaning