​​with a stable and reactive suspension system


Safer, more reliable transport

The suspension, together with the tyres, is the crucial link between the vehicle and the road. Suspension wear often goes unnoticed, but in the long term leads to more component wear, driver fatigue and therefore loss of productivity. 
Choosing durable and certified air springs and shock absorbers guarantees accurate steering, a stable load and more effective braking. 


  • Manufactured in partnership with the best suppliers, to the best standards and using the latest technology
  • Pass the stringent 20-bar explosion test
  • Shock absorbers use low viscosity, anti-foam, anti-rust, anti-friction and non-regenerated oil
  • Shock absorber gaskets capable of withstanding a temperature range from -40 to +140°C

Your benefits

 Seamless accurate braking, delivering enhanced road handling around bends 
 Maximum stability in all conditions, including side winds
 High traction and comfortable driving conditions 
 Reduced maintenance costs thanks to lower wear

Maintenance tips

  • Have your air springs and shock absorbers verified by IVECO every 40,000 km
  • Replacement interval: generally every 120,000 km
  • Replace parts in pairs to prevent axle imbalance.​