Enhance your driving comfort and driveline protection

As the mechanical link between the engine and the gearbox, the clutch contributes to both comfortable driving conditions and the vehicle’s overall performance. Use IVECO’s original replacement clutch parts, designed just for your vehicle, for a smoother and comfortable drive.


  • Protects driveline components by reducing knocks and vibrations.
  • Clutch driven disc features latest-innovation friction material for optimal efficiency
  • Less noise generated at idle speed or when driving

With IVECO clutches, increase the mechanical parts’ lifetime, maintain your driving comfort and remain serene longer.


Change the whole clutch kit at the same time to avoid subsequent changes and more downtime
Only trust IVECO original clutch parts (disc, mechanism, flywheel bearing) for the best results for your vehicle
Ask for advice from your IVECO parts specialist at every service or when you notice clutch underperformance.