IVECO guarantee your safety with their high-resistance and durable braking systems

To drive with peace of mind, you need to be sure of safe and reliable brakes. The high-quality manufactured IVECO discs and pads are designed specifically for endurance and high performance.


  • Ventilated T-pillar brake disc design delivers enhanced airflow, this takes away the heat from the surface of the disc.
  • This technology also prevents possible cracks from spreading and compromising the entire disc
  • It is difficult to compare the quality of two discs or sets of plates. And yet, two pieces that seem identical do not necessarily guarantee the same level of security! That’s why IVECO braking systems are tested and show a greater solidity and reduced wear compared with generic replacement pads.


  • Cost effective due to less frequent replacement
  • Less time spent in workshop for brake check-ups and changing
  • Enhanced driving safety thanks to higher resistance and less risk of cracks forming.


  • Spot when your discs need changing, using IVECO’s special easy check indicators
  • Change all the parts on the same axle at the same time for safer and balanced braking.
  • Change your discs generally every two pad changes.