Afriway Features and Benefits​

  • One stop bus shop – The bus chassis is assembled from imported CKD kits and the bus body is manufactured in a single facility based in Rosslyn – Iveco South Africa Works (Pty) LTD (ISAW). The benefit of this is that any technical issues relating to the total bus product is referred to a single source for rectification.

  • The complete bus is engineered by Iveco and as such there is a “matched” interface between body and chassis resulting in best quality engineering in addition to lowest cost ownership.

  • Iveco offers the lowest capital cost per revenue paying passenger – this is associated with the superior legal carrying capacity of the AFRIWAY bus.

  • Best fuel consumption in it’s class

  • Engine positioned in the chassis to prevent major damage to expensive driveline components in the event of a front end accident.

  • The engine position relative to the body under floor height results in superior engine cooling and bus performance due to the airflow.​

  • Front interior heat generation and noise levels are the lowest in its class.

  • The flat floor saloon area and interior floor to roof heights are the best in the commuter bus class.