​ARWAY - EURO 3 to EURO 5 

Available only in Euro III and Euro V, this interurban coach is the perfect answer for those who need a vehicle dedicated to regional route services or for those who want a mixed mission vehicle .

A complete range for all missions :

  • 12 m Euro 3/4/5 for 59 passengers
  • 12.8 m Euro 3/4/5 for 63 passengers

Maximum comfort and safety
Spacious interior, optimized modularity and advanced manufacturing techniques, those are the characteristics of the ARWAY coach, which ensures a higher level of comfort and maximum safety for both the driver and the passengers.

Optimized profitability
Combining a highly competitive operating cost, optimized fuel consumption, a keen sense of environmental protection and uncompromising reliability, ARWAY coach is a perfect source of profit.

Technical Sheet