​​IVECO network: a great strength for trucks and vans’ sale

​Thanks to a widespread network of Service Points all over the area, IVECO guarantees a prompt, efficient and rel​​iable ​Aftersales service with a large team of experienced and skilled technicians.

​At all authorised IVECO​ workshops you will find specialist personnel whose technical training is provided by IVECO itself through its Unetversity school. 

This training guarantees perfect understanding of:

• the vehicle,​

• the most suitable means of intervention in each situation,

• ​the most sophisticated diagnosis equipment and all the instruments necessary to put the vehicle back on the road.

The IVECO​ Workshops firms of a very high quality, which guarantee the highest standards in terms of the professional skills and competence of staff, cutting edge equipment, top quality fast intervention and the solution of every problem.

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