​​​The mission of IVECO Network is present in Africa and Middle east

To be the market leader, you must be the leader in every part of the territory: this is the mission of IVECO in Africa and Middle East.

IVECO is present in the region with a dedicated full range of models engineered for the local market and operates across this area with 70 Dealers and with more than 11​0 Sales Points. Add to this, more than 150 Service Points provide after sales assistance to customers all over Africa & Middle East.

The direct presence of a Sale Force at local level is one of IVECO's greatest strengths: our salesmen and technicians, whose commercial and technical training is continuously provided by IVECO itself through its Unetversity school, are professionals with comprehensive experience in the business and IVECO products: they understand the transport world and are able to offer their customers an unrivalled service and level of skill.

Besides this, IVECO is directly present in the area with Area Managers, Country Managers and Technicians, 2 Legal Entities and 5 Representative Offices:

Legal Entities

• A.M.C.E., Ethiopia
• IVECO South Africa, South Africa

Representative Offices

• Morocco (Casablanca)
• Tunisia (Tunisi)
• Algeria (Algeri)
• Egypt ​(Cairo)
• United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

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