The Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulation 2009 is the UK implementation of the European Union Waste Batteries and Accumulators Directive 2006/66/EC which came into force in May 2009. This directive is designed to reduce the impact of waste batteries on the environment and increase recycling.
The Iveco Ltd Batteries Producer Registration Number is BPRN00297
The regulations cover three categories of batteries:

• Portable Batteries (including re-chargeable batteries)
• Automotive Batteries
• Industrial Batteries
Portable Batteries: usually sealed and found in the sort of appliances that can easily be carried around, such as torchers, mobile phones, MP3 players, calculators and car locking/alarm controls.
Automotive Batteries: used to start, ignite and light automotive vehicles.
Industrial Batteries: normally used to power industrial machinery; this category also includes batteries used to power "hybrid" motor vehicles.

Disposal of Used Batteries

Under the Waste Batteries Regulation batteries are not allowed to go to landfill or be incinerated so cannot be included with ordinary refuse and must now be sent for recycling.

Automotive Batteries: producers placing automotive batteries on the UK market must offer collection of these batteries from a final holder of batteries should a request be made. Under the regualtions the final holder is defined as someone who in the normal course of their business removes batteries from automotive vehicles. Free collection does not include that from private customers who can dispose of batteries at civic amenity sites.
To comply with the Waste Batteries Regulation all Iveco Dealers will take back qualifying automotive batteries at no cost to the final holder.

Industrial Batteries: Iveco Ltd does not place these types of batteries on the UK market.

Portable Batteries: collection points are available at places such as larger supermarkets and shops, DIY stores as well as civic amenity sites.

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