The Daily 4x4 joins Iveco’s impressive product line-up. Iveco is the only manufacturer in the world to offer a complete range of all wheel drive vehicles, up to 8x8 for quarries and work sites).

Daily 4x4 offers the best combination of payload and off-road performance in the light truck category and guarantees mobility on any route, in any climate and with any road surface condition.
This product is the result of a rigorous off-road set up:
• truck-derived chassis (side-members in special steel with a 5 mm thick C section) which makes it suitable for difficult missions with specific customisations such as snow ploughs and cranes,
• permanent all wheel drive transmission with three available differential locks (front, rear, central),
• 24 forward gear ratios and 4 reverse overall with the possibility of selecting the first synchronised reduction (half speed) with the vehicle in motion,
• parabolic suspension with live front axle.

Thanks to its design, the Daily 4x4 guarantees the performance of a true off-road vehicle:
• departure angle 51°,
• approach angle 31° for the short and 27° for the long wheelbases,
•  departure angle (with rear bar raised) 42° short and 36° long wheelbases,
• fording depth up to 700 mm.
The vehicle can be equipped with 5 types of power take-offs for operation of external equipment through hydraulic pumps or cardan shafts. The CAN-Bus architecture with "expansion module" allows the electric/electronic system of the vehicle to interface with the systems on the ancillary equipment: this way all of the connections pass through a standard connection.
Daily 4x4 can be driven with a Class "B" Driving License (up to 3.5 t  gross vehicle weight).

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