Product specifications

Performer tractors are available in two specific versions which can be ordered through specific pack at an aggressive price advantage.
These versions are characterized by:
Ø  cursor 13 engine with waste gate technology that offers a fantastic RELIAILITY
Ø  420 horsepower with maximum torque of 1900Nm
Ø  an excellent SAFETY provides by disk brakes with EBL system
Ø  single reduction rear axle for high commercial speed and reduced fuel consumption
Ø  PAYLOAD: 2 inches Jost 5th wheel for up to 60 ton G.c.w
Ø  CONFORT: spacious cab with bunk, low or hight roof, air conditioning, external sun visors
Ø  STURDINESS: high resistance steel chassis frame 7.7 mm thick with semielliptic suspensions
Ø  FUNCTIONALITY: 315/80 R 22.5 mixed route tyres with manual or automated gearbox
Ø  AERODYNAMICS: roof spoiler and side deflectors