If there’s a difficult task, it can be tackled. If there’s an insurmountable obstacle, it can be overcome. If there’s an impassable limit, it can be exceeded.

The NEW TRAKKER is Iveco’s quarry-construction site vehicle that changes the concept of impossibility, making it possible to work on inaccessible, rough ground and withstand continuous stress with extraordinary performance.

The NEW TRAKKER has the guarantee of Cursor engines to ensure power and durability.

It gives great quality of life on board, with three cab versions for different kinds of work. It increases productivity beyond all limits, further reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and minimising running costs. And, what’s more, the entire range can be configured to cope with any kind of mission.

Put it to the test: the NEW TRAKKER is capable of meeting your needs from every point of view.

Trakker Catalogue