Improved safety and comfort with IVECO BUS air springs and shock absorbers!

​IVECO BUS air springs are manufactured using high quality materials, tested to withstand very high stresses and extreme temperature differences. They ensure the vehicle is a constant height and offer excellent resistance to explosion.




A quick and accurate response by the vehicle to prevent dangerous swaying when changing lane

Maximum stability in all situations, even in strong gusts of side wind

Uniform braking

Greater handling offering maximum comfort for the driver and passengers


IVECO BUS recommends that you check the air springs and shock absorbers every 40,000 km and replace them every 120,000 km. It is important to change them in pairs in order to avoid any risk of imbalances affecting the vehicle axle.


IVECO BUS air springs and shock absorbers are developed in partnership with the best suppliers, using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment following the highest quality standards. These parts are designed to fit the specifications of each vehicle.

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