Improve your performance levels with an IVECO BUS exhaust system.

​The exhaust system, including the silencer, the catalytic converter and the particle filter, helps to reduce both atmospheric pollution and noise pollution, as well as improve energy efficiency. Benefit from a cleaner exhaust system with new innovative IVECO BUS materials.

This system counts numerous improvements including: Improved sealing properties, limited vibrations, and lower fuel consumption.


  • Robust stainless steel components, resistant to rust and heat
  • The high levels of precious metals in catalytic converters ensure optimum depollution
  • Quality vehicles by complying with technical inspection standards


Replace the particle filter regularly to increase the service life of your exhaust line.
Check that your catalytic converter is in good condition and operational before a technical inspection to save time and money.


Your exhaust pipe is longer than you think. It starts from the base of the engine and finishes at the back of the vehicle; it therefore protects passengers from toxic exhaust gases and their harmful effects.

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