Crossway can easily satisfy all customer needs in every passenger transport mission thanks to its versatility and variety of available versions.

Crossway - Line version
The ideal choice for short-distance and medium-distance passenger transport, featuring low fuel consumption, longer service intervals, a driver area conceived to meet the highest ergonomic standards, all in a safe and comfortable environment.

Crossway - Pop version
The best solution for school transport, delivering excellent accessibility and carefully designed interior comfort. Attractive operating costs and proven reliability complete the package.

Crossway - Pro version
The perfect answer for customers looking for a regional-route service vehicle or a mixed-mission one. Crossway Pro is a flexible vehicle offering all the practical features of an intercity bus together with the comfort of a standard coach; the mix of easy access devices and tourist equipment makes it possible to travel in the city environment  and to operate in the intercity premium segment as well.

Crossway will be your best employee, for each and every year of service. Featuring 63 seats and a length of 13m, it delivers the highest passenger capacity combined with excellent manoeuvrability at the very best price. The result? High productivity guaranteed.