About AMCE

AMCE – Automotive Manufacturing Company of Ethiopia is a Joint Venture between IVECO S.p,A. (70%) and the Ethiopian Government founded in 1970 (30%).

Back in 1930, FIAT introduced in Ethiopia the first truck model in history, with the 621 model and then 634 model, which gained visibility in the country. This success led FIAT to open an assembly plant in Addis Abeba with the authorization and collaboration of ethiopian government from this time.

The erection of premises started in 1972 in Addis Ababa on the area of 50000 m2 of which 8000 m2 covered. Since 1975, AMCE has expanded from 50000 m2 to 175000 m2 and its manpower increased considerably.

AMCE is not only an assembly plant. Already some parts are being manufactured in-plant as well as in other ancillary industries in the country.


  • Assembling of Trucks imported as CKD from Europe.
  • Selling IVECO vehicles completely built-up.
  • PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection)
  • Servicing IVECO products for mechanical and bodywork
  • Plant area : 82.000sqm

    Total area : 132.392sqm

    Staff S&M (75 HC) : 16 employees, 11 workers MFG/PDI, 34 After Sales workshop, 14 facility workers

    Workshop : (8.845 sqm) & Parts Warehouse (2.304 sqm/25.000 items)

    Workshop is ready to serve customers thanks to his equipment with competent mechanics, modern machines for service and maintenance for IVECO vehicle owners.

    Spare parts : AMCE has spare parts dealers throughout the country so any IVECO customer can buy genuine parts of IVECO. Any of our customers can be sure we will give full service in order to let its customers be run smoothly at anytime.