​Iveco: advanced technology with trucks Stralis

​Frame strength and reliability has always been a key feature of the Iveco product range.

The Stralis range adopts a strong high tensile steel chassis which is completely flat and free from obstructions and is available in 6.7 mm and 7.7 mm thicknesses depending on the choice of wheelbase and model.
Stralis can be equipped with various suspensions systems:

parabolic front and rear,

parabolic front and rear air,

full air

The parabolic front suspensions are robust and offer excellent riding comfort both with a laden or un-laden vehicle.
The air suspension systems are equipped with ECAS (Electronically-Controlled Air Suspension) automatic balance control which allows the height of the frame to be kept constant both while driving and during loading and unloading operations.
Through the ECAS control unit, the height of the frame can be modified, for example to adjust the loading height to the ramps or during coupling/release of the semi-trailer or containers.

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