The Eurocargo has won more awards than any other truck in the history of middleweight goods transport and over the years it has become the benchmark in Europe within its category.
Eurocargo is the worthy heir of a series of models which have made history in the segment.
Some preceded the founding of Iveco: first the OM Lupetto, which in the 60's carried goods in an Italy that was still agricultural but was then launched on the road to industrialisation and modernity. In fact, the Lupetto, launched in 1959, marked the entrance of Italy into the economic boom.
In 1977 the Lupetto passed the baton to the Iveco Zeta range. An extremely innovative project for those times, the Zeta was able to satisfy all of the mid-light transport needs from 2500 to 6500 kg.
The fundamental step for the evolution of this segment took place with the introduction in 1987 of the turbo engine: in fact, the launch advertising slogan was: “TurboZeta. The best, improved”.
Just a few years later the Eurocargo arrived: it was 1991, and the new vehicle represented a true revolution. Quality and great component standardisation made more than 500 versions possible, able to meet the needs of any transport mission.
In 1992 Eurocargo won the Truck of the Year award, chronologically the first of numerous trade press awards.
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