IVECO Daily. New Power Take Off with electromagnetic control

IVECO has always had available as option in its Daily offering different robust and reliable Power take-offs solutions used to operate devices for heavy-duty tasks such as tipper bodies, cranes, aerial platforms and waste collection.

Today Iveco is ready to introduce a new family of Power Take Off “electromagnetically controlled” which increase the Power Take Off life and open the business to new and heavier applications (e.g. roads cleaning).

Manufactured by Interpump Hydraulics (Ex Hydrocar, Sector Leader Company that historically supplies these products to IVECO), these electromagnetically controlled power take-offs differ from traditional, electrohydraulic power take-offs, for the socket implementation technology that now no longer uses sliding electrical contacts, main cause of wear and therefore damage to mechanical parts. The activation and deactivation command takes place in fact magnetically, without contact. This result is made possible by using a solenoid which, when properly excited, generates an electromagnetic force which acts on the mechanical members.

Transmittable torque.

EnginePower HpGearboxNew Electromagnetic
PTO Model
F1A120, 140, 1602835.6251172815180 Nm1,00
F1C150, 1802840.6251272816180 Nm1,08

The option codes change as shown in the table. These new PTOs replace the previous ones, no longer orderable.

5439No PTO *
75977PTO provisionF1A 2,3L with manual transmission 2835.6For PTO provided by Bodybuilder himself
72815New Electromagnetic PTO 2511F1A 2,3L with manual transmission 2835.6Replace optional 75077
72816New Electromagnetic PTO 2512F1C 3L with manual transmission 2840.6Replace optional 75076
(*) PTO = Power Take Off


Electromagnetically controlled power take-offs are applicable only to manual transmissions. The possible applications remain the traditional ones (Tippers, Cranes, Aerial platforms, ...) and now the solution can be used for heavier missions that require a very high number of daily implementations such as road cleaning machinery.

Traditional Applications

New application expected for Road Cleaning Vehicles

Advantages for the customer

The great advantages of this technology are the considerable increase in the implementation cycles that the system can achieve over time. 300,000 Cycles are expected against the previous 100,000 cycles before maintenance. This means a longer life and / or access to new heavy missions with many activation cycles per day.

Advantages for the bodybuilder

The new PTO is more compact and gives more useful free space for the equipment.

The higher durability of the PTO adds value to the bodybuilder equipment and it allows to open to new applications.