Factory for Future

A new era in our digitalisation journey began in July with the launch of our Factory of the Future programme at the Valladolid plant. We aim to become a data-driven Company by 2025 and part of a digital ecosystem by 2030, with a phased implementation across our Group’s commercial plants.

Blockchain technology will be used so secure, reliable process data can make better decisions, using cyber-physical systems on a robust 5G network.

Iveco Group’s Industrial Internet of Things “I3oT” will be installed in two pilot zones in the plant’s welding area. By the end of this year, we plan to implement smart maintenance programmes and machine data software, install an Artificial Intelligence tool to predict breakdowns, and begin using Blockchain technology to manage engine flow between the Foggia and Valladolid plants.

This exciting initiative is the first phase in our digital transformation, as we head towards a future of smart manufacturing.