Connections between IVECO Daily, devices and bodybuilder equipments

It often happens that vehicle devices or parts of bodybuilder fittings interact (power, signals, data) with the vehicle's electronic system. The interaction happens through one or more connectors. The typology of interaction depends of the number of equipments managed, their task, the quality and the quantity of information exchanged.

For the simplest applications it is sufficient to adopt a series of connectors from which it is possible to get basic information (Engine on / off; engine in running condition or stopped; handbrake engaged or disengaged; …).

For more complex fittings (Power Take-Offs, firefighting or ambulance equipments) multiple connectors and programmable control units are implemented. These advanced interface systems not only activate or disactivate one or more devices, but also protect them from bad operating conditions.

The main purpose of this article is to inform about the complete offer of connections and explain all the potential applications on IVECO Daily vehicles, minimizing the bodybuilder effort.

Expansion Module Control Unit

Interface Typologies for all Customer Needs

Type Opt code Content Description Functionalities Applications
No bodybuilder connection Std No connectors No electrical / signals interface between the vehicle and the equipment No equipped vehicles; for equipments that do not need interaction (vans, decks)
Bodybuilders (BB) connector 8656 1) 32-pin (72105A) Basic information shared: engine on/off; vehicle stopped/running; lights on/off; Devices that need basic information for safety (electric sliding door or foldable steps, lifters, …)
Expansion Module 8657 1) 32-pin (72105A)
2) 20-pin (EM 61071B)
4) 12-pin (EM 72075B)
6) Control Unit
BB connector included. More data shared through additional connectors. Possible control and manage more devices. Devices that need more information for a more sophisticated behaviour.

Power Take Off * (PTO) management.

Lights, alarm and special function (run lock) management.

Firefighting, Ambulances, Police applications.
Expansion Module + CANopen Interface 75979 1) 32-pin (72105A)
2) 20-pin (EM 61071B)
3) 9-pin (EM 72071)
4) 12-pin (EM 72075B)
5) 12-pin (EM ST13)
6) Control Unit
BB connector included. Additional data shared through direct access to vehicle CAN Network. Possible control and manage more devices. The equipment can directly operate on the vehicle.
(*) PTO is necessary for application of cranes, aerial platforms, tippers, garbage collection systems, pumps

Connectors Location

The connectors 1, 2, 3, 4 are located behind the passenger glove compartment. Connector 5 is placed into the engine compartment. The control unit of Expansion Module is hidden under the dashboard.

Connectors and Control Unit Details

Number Code Pin Colour Scheme* / Picture
1 72105A 32 Black
2 EM 61071B 20 Black
3 EM 72071 9 Yellow
4 EM 72075B 12 Black
5 ST13 12 Black
6 Expansion Module Control Unit   Grey
(*) Details about PIN signals provided by each connector are available on section 5 and section 7 of the Daily MY16 Bodybuilder Manual.

Bodybuilder Connector (Opt 8656)

Functional Scheme


When it is necessary do simple operations on the vehicle as turn on / turn off the engine.
When it is necessary to get information about the vehicle status. Vehicle stopped or in movement; clutch or the reverse gear is engaged or disengaged; the position lights are turned on or turned off.


When the equipped devices need to know basic information about the vehicle status (vehicle stopped / running; engine on / off; position lights turned on / turned off; …)

Lifter Electric foldable step Electric sliding door

Expansion Module (Opt 8657)

Functional Scheme


When the device or the equipment needs more data from the vehicle and / or we need to control from the cabin the devices themselves.

Main Applications

Power Take Off Control, Lights Control, Run Lock or Alarm Function management.

Cranes, tippers, garbage collection and aerial platforms take the power from PTO. Many applications such as ambulances, firefighting and police vehicles need the lights flash management through the Expansion Module.

Expansion Module with CANopen Interface (Opt 75979)

Functional Scheme


When the device or the equipment needs special data available only on CAN Network and / or we wants operate on the vehicle through the equipment system itself.


FMS signals available to be read by externally fitted Body Builder Control Unit (CAN Bus). Vehicle information such as Airbag, PTO, Service (doors, lights, time) available on the CAN Bus. PTO and alarm function described above, can be controlled by CAN (CAN Open).

Expansion Module Default Configuration can be modified in order to meet Body Builder’s needs also through the Customer Service Tool (E.A.SY).
E.A.SY Tool