Samelet launches new IVECO S-WAY and IVECO X-WAY heavy range trucks in a cross-Israel roadshow

A convoy of four IVECO trucks drove more than 1,000 kilometres across Israel over for 5 days, with 6 stops to showcase the new ranges.

Bnei Ayish, 3 November 2020

The roadshow started on October 25th at the Samelet premises in Re’em and stopped in 6 different locations for demonstrations and test drives: on 25th October in Haifa Port, on 26th October Be’er Sheva, on 27th October Ashdod, on 28th October in Jerusalem and on 2nd November in Nazareth and Kfar-Yasif.

Samelet, IVECO’s dealer in Israel, met more than 100 customers during the road-show. It showcased the new Heavy range, presenting the new features and advantages of the new trucks. The roadshow participants had the full experience, exploring the new cabin and test-driving the vehicles.

The vehicles in the roadshow were two IVECO S-WAY 6X2 tractor heads, an IVECO S-WAY chassis cab rigid truck and an IVECO X-WAY 6X4 tractor head. The brand-new IVECO heavy range will meet the requirements of multi-mission businesses and satisfy the demands of customers across Israel with its extreme versatility.

The new IVECO S-WAY and IVECO X-WAY trucks carry over all the advances introduced in the previous generations and add a new cab entirely redesigned around the driver’s and the owner’s needs. In the face of fierce competition, logistics operators need top-level uptime, efficiency and productivity from their fleets. These new trucks perfectly meet this requirement, providing a complete package of features and services without equal, developed with focus on driver centricity, sustainability and a new, extended level of connectivity aimed at reducing Total Cost of Ownership.

They are part of the new IVECO WAY range, which with its new name signals the brand’s approach that fully exploits the possibilities offered by connectivity – a new way of being ‘customer centric’ by creating a set of solutions to support the customers every step of the way in their vehicle’s lifecycle and beyond. Its focus on the customer extends to the driver, by raising the bar on the quality of life on board. It introduces a new way of operating, where connectivity puts the driver, owner and IVECO on board the truck, working together to build the vehicle’s business case and ensure its profitability – as expressed by the range’s pay-off: IVECO. DRIVE THE NEW WAY.

This roadshow is type of promotional event that fully reflects one of the guiding principles of Samelet, IVECO's distributor in Israel, which focuses on satisfying the customers, understanding and resolving their needs.

Shay Feldman, Samelet CEO, stated: "In the digital world we live in, this activity allows us to meet our potential clients in an unmediated way, hear their valuable inputs and better understand their needs.”

Fabio De Serafini, IVECO Africa & Middle East Business Director, stated: “Thanks to our consolidated partnership with Samelet, we have been working on providing our customers with the best, unstoppable business solution. That’s why we have organized this road show to meet our customers and leading decision makers in the industry, and offer them the opportunity to experience the advantages of IVECO’s new heavy range trucks with a dedicated test-drive . With the launch of this new range we are confident that we will meet the needs of the most demanding customers in Israel.”